Cookie Run

Before running season winds down for 2016, I decided to sign up both Logan and Jake for Run Ottawa’s Cookie Run. This race has become quite a popular sell-out event, taking place the first Saturday of November. The funds raised go towards Girl Guides’ travel initiatives, so there are plenty of delicious cookies on site too! Even the medal you get at the end is a cookie! Clearly, this race was tailor-made for my boys- who typically need a good incentive to go for a run. 😉

The night before, Logan excitedly made a sign to hold while we cheered on the 5k and 10k runners. I wanted him to be there to experience the whole race-day vibe, so this was a great idea!


He ended up making a sign that basically cheered on himself ..but it’s the thought that counts. 🙂

The event wrapped up with the kids 1.5k run. Jake was not too thrilled about running when the time came, but Logan really surprised me by saying that he was going to go for it and sprinted off while I stayed behind to help Jake through the course.

Jake did manage to pick up speed when he realized he didn’t want to finish last – taking off while looking over his shoulder, haha. He’s had this stubborn cough that’s been hanging on for about a month now, so he was really quite a trooper.

I’m so proud of Logan and Jake, they did so well! I am so amazed by Logan’s improvements as a runner too, already! This is definitely a race that I will sign us up for again next year!

Here are their results: