Let’s Hear Your Story!

In social media I frequently come across posts celebrating the achievements of those who have lost a lot of weight since taking up running. Race and running brand ambassadors are often chosen for these inspiring stories and drastic before and afters. It’s amazing to see how far they have come. Their strength and dedication has paid off!

However, I want to dig deeper!

I feel that there are more stories about runners that need recognition as well. I’d like to hear more about what people have gained from running. The intangible benefits that cannot be seen or measured.

What I’ve found truly humbling is hearing stories of how running as helped someone shape who they are, shaped their lives, helped them overcome inner obstacles and become mentally stronger.

I am by no means an amazing runner. I do not have an impressive list of PBs under my belt or age category achievements. In groups people usually have to slow down so that I can keep up.

However, running was key to me finally discovering, in my thirties, who I truly am inside; realizing that I am capable of amazing things. Running gave me the strength to face a lifetime of internal struggles and gave me the confidence to push towards a happier, healthy life that I never imagined possible.

These sorts of achievements cannot be measured, but rather felt. These are the stories I would love to hear more of. But it will involve a certain degree of openness, shining the light on mental health.

From this I was inspired with the idea of starting a blog where we could share our own personal stories of the emotional and psychological benefits we’ve experienced thanks to running.

I have such a passion for creating more awareness and understanding surrounding mental health issues and how they impact our lives. And I love how running can be instrumental in changing lives.

So, if you would like to volunteer your story (and later on down the road provide updates too!) feel free to send me a message.

Here are some questions which you could either answer point by point or, alternatively, use as a base to help frame your own write up as another option too:

  1. What was your life life before you took up running? What were your struggles?
  2. What motivated you to start running? How did it go?
  3. What impact did running have on your life?
  4. What have you learned about yourself?
  5. What lessons have you taken away from running that you wish to impart upon others?

Responses can be sent to me by email [click here].

Unleash your creativity with your submissions too! You are welcome to include photos – perhaps it’s possible to see the inner glow running has given you. Plus, everyone has their own unique way of telling their story best suited to them – perhaps an audio file or video post would be easier for some than writing it all out.

I’m excited to see what we can come up with!


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